ECM Echo Control Medical - EXAPAD – revolutionary portable ultrasound scanner


EXAPAD is the new revolutionary ultrasound scanner for Regional anesthesia, Point-of-Care, Pain relief and Vascular access. Together with an exceptional image quality for a perfect visualization of nerves, vessels, needles and tissues, EXAPAD also provides the completely unique features EchoTouch, EchoPad and EchoVoice. These innovations and the intuitive user-interface on EXAPAD are all appreciated by the clinical users in many countries.

EXAPAD is manufactured by the French ultrasound specialist ECM Echo Control Medical. With 30 years of experience in ultrasound and a skilled R&D team, ECM is always using the most advanced technologies in order to satisfy the large panel of medical users. ECM is currently searching for new dynamic distributors of EXAPAD to complete our worldwide sales network.











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