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The SANKOM® Patent Socks are the First compression Socks in the world that use the unique active anatomically targeted compression.

The SANKOM® Patent Sock is composed of 4 gradual compression lines, that when pulled one after another will help improve blood circulation: With each stage venous blood is pushed out into the above-lying blood vein system. The repetition of these 4 stages activates and improves blood circulation. Invented by Dr.Mazourik, Switzerland, the SANKOM® Patent Sock is a breakthrough concept to help people with common problems caused by sedentary lifestyles, low or extreme physical activity, excess weight, pregnancy etc.

The only socks in the world to both prevent the cause and fight the consequence of poor blood circulation.

Improves blood circulation

Anatomical muscle & joint support

Varicose & spider veins relief

Quicker muscle recovery


Built-in Arch support

Ankle support

Moisture wicking









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