MEDICA S.p.A. - Exiper system for Hyperthermic Chemoperfusion

EXIPER is a system for Hyperthermic Chemoperfusion for the treatment of abdominal or thoracic cancers after cytoreduction.

The rationale of the procedure has been established by Prof. Sugarbaker and others since the early 90s.
Now the procedure, known also as HIPEC is carried out in hundreds of hospitals all over the world.

The procedure consists in the removal of the primary cancer and seeded peritoneum (cytoreduction).
Then the abdomen is washed for one hour by a heated solution containing the chemotherapy.

The heated solution increases the penetration of the chemotherapy drug inside the remaining tumor cells and enhances its activity.

The system offered by MEDICA S.p.A adopts a unique technology to heat up the chemosolution very close to the patient thus reaching an unprecedented control of the temperature.
It consists in an external disposable heat exchanger connected to the infusion line patented by MEDICA (Patent no. EP 1951339B1).





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