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Milan, Italy – March 12, 2018 – Villa Sistemi Medicali has announced the new mobile application “RAD/AR”, a revolutionary promotional and sales tool that uses Augmented Reality to show the functioning and applications of its radiology systems in the real environment.



Villa Sistemi Medicali, characterized by its strong propensity for innovation, has decided to invest in the use of the latest augmented reality technologies first in its industry, to promote its products in an unprecedented and effective way. In collaboration with Realmore (business unit of Equent Media Group) and MCommunication, Villa Sistemi Medicali has developed "RAD/AR", an application for smartphones and tablets that uses these technologies in an original way to visualize and integrate in the real environment the three-dimensional models of its equipment, showing their functionalities and possible applications.

RAD/AR is therefore a powerful information tool for customers, and a revolutionary working tool for the commercial network, supporting in a simple and intuitive way the communication, sales and staff training activities, allowing also to work remotely, with consequent reduction in costs and working times.

The “RAD/AR” app, premiered at the European Congress of Radiology 2018 in Vienna, is already available for download from the AppStoreTM and Google PlayTM.

Here you can see a short promo video of the app RAD/AR:



About Villa Sistemi Medicali 

Villa Sistemi Medicali SpA, an Italian company founded in 1958, it's one of the leading manufacturers of radiological systems in the world, both in the medical and dental industry, with a sales network in more than 100 countries.




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