Noppen - Africa Hospital Expansion Summit

Noppen will host the Africa Hospital Expansion Summit at Johannesburg, South Africa on 26th - 27th, September, 2013. The hospital sector is undergoing undeniable growth throughout the entire continent of Africa, which is stimulated by an increase in government focus on healthcare expansion. Over the next 10 years, a whopping 500,000 to 650,000 extra beds will be built and in the Sub-Sahara region, healthcare investments of up to billion is said to be made by 2016.
Opportunities for the supply of hospital equipment, instrumentation, machinery and other products and services are unprecedented. At this Summit, government officials, construction companies, doctors, management groups and hospital owners will discuss with consultants, architects, medical companies, equipment providers and service groups, in order to better explore the market and support project development.

Focus on the pressing issues such as outlook of the Africa's healthcare & hospital sector, key drivers for the tremendous growth of the hospital industry in Africa, understanding the hospital market operations and its differences across Africa, defining new and upcoming projects and government initiatives and investments: latest updates among other various topics.
This forum will provide the delegates with various networking sessions to discuss and exchange their views and information, one-to-one business meetings where the manufacturers can meet the top leaders and potential clients, workshops, panel discussions and an opportunity to showcase their latest equipments and technology.


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