World Events - 5 ideas to leave Medica without stress.


Dear Medica visitors and exhibitors. Living the trade-show is amazing, but what about leaving it? 


Traffic jam and rush-hour trains are not the only options...


1 - Leave earlier

 The easiest option: 30 minutes can save you from this big stress.  In this way, you won’t find all the exhibitors (several thousand people) on your road.


2 - Find a party

 Every day in Medica, the countries’ pavilions organize parties or events to promote their business. Ask to the exhibitors and get your invitation, having fun is always the best option. 


3 - Have a beer with a partner in a pub close to the trade-show

 Schnellenburg is a very good restaurant where eating local food and drinking excellent beers, you can be there in a few minutes’ walk. Share this idea with a partner, it could be a great chance to talk about business in total relax. 


4 - Book a private car

 If you book a private car, you can ask in advance to your driver to bring you somewhere without traffic jam or to choose secondary streets. 


5 - Relax in Nordpark

 If cold weather is not a problem, you can relax walking in Nordpark - just 0.6 km far from Medica. Flowers, fountains and statues are perfect to kick back and stop whining about work.




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