RealVision - In A World That Is Moving More And More Towards Virtual Reality We Created the Real 3D Vision


We design and produce 3D monitors and vision systems without the use of polarized glasses exclusively for the B2B channel. 
The certifications obtained in the medical field guarantee our systems the absence of alterations and consequent neuro-visual disorders. 
Our company is structured according to areas of expertise, providing customers with a dedicated technical and commercial assistance. 

We represent Italian excellence, a constantly evolving and future-oriented company.

Our numbers

570.000 monitors – Annual production capacity

32.000 Sq.m – Production area

4.000 Sq.m – Research & Development

5 – Worldwide Patents




The patented RealVision systems enable 3D vision without the use of polarized glasses.

The monitor simulates the neuro-visual system of the human being on basis of the last scientific discoveries concerning how the brain work and how it interprets images.

Five worldwide patents cover this invention, which took more than 7 years of research and development.

The Hospital of Vicenza (Italy) and the Italian scientific research institute of Padua called CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) have declared and certified that, compared to the 3D monitors with polarized glasses which produce neuro-visual alterations, the Realvision system is the only one in the world that does not cause neuro-visual disorders and certified by a specific scientific protocol.

The continuous research has allowed our technology to be compatible with various applications.  So far, we have successfully included our systems in the fields of healthcare, optics, engineering, automotive, aviation, advertising and technical design.

The core of this patented system is based on screen processing and on algorithms interlacing with the current Side by Side, Top & Bottom, Line by Line formats and any other type of three-dimensional format (MRI, scans, cameras, ultrasounds, 3D printing, etc.).

The experience acquired in the medical field has confirmed the absolute fidelity of the image without alterations up to the single sub pixel.

The RealVision monitors are engineered and produced entirely in our factories.

All our products, machinery and production lines are strictly designed and industrialized in Italy using the most advanced technologies. This makes them unique and highly specialized according to application fields.

Each single unit is subjected to six-hour testing, thus guaranteeing a defectiveness close to zero.

RealVision certifications obtained in the medical field guarantee their systems the absence of alterations and consequent neuro-visual disorders. Among main products there are RealVision 9,7” 3D Tablet and RealVision 28” - 42” - 50” - 55” - 65” - 85” 3D monitors and video walls which can be used in the following fields: surgeries with laparoscopy, medical imaging, kit for microscopy, optics, technical design and advertising too.





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01100 Viterbo - Italy
T +39 0761 352198
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VAT: IT01612570562

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