Dr. Lauranne - Agami Group - The Italian Leader in Beauty Supplies

 Established in Rome, Italy, in year 1971, we are manufacturer of skin-care products for different users:

LEVEL 1a: chemical peelings for dermatological use only

LEVEL 2: Professional lines for beauty salons, SPA centre, dermatologic centres

LEVEL 3a: Retail skincare lines for specialist shops


Our Main Brands are:

  1. LAURANNE – the beauty salon brand
  2. HINA ROME – the pharmacy and doctor brand
  3. B-EASY – the LUXURY brand
  4. OEM (private labels) brands


Our Retail Products concept:

  1. Divided in LINES, each one having specific peculiarities, as follows:
  2. Each line is dedicated to a SPECIFIC SKIN PROBLEM
  3. Each line is characterized by a CORE INGREDIENT
  4. Each line is bearing a DIFFERENT COLOUR, to be more user- friendly
  5. Whether possible, the colour reminds the PRIMARY INGREDIENT, or the product function
  6. Each line is composed by a VARIETY of items, according to the type of problem to treat



Peculiarities of professional:

Dermo-cosmetic specialities are special treatments consisting of a set of products formulated to achieve a specific action. They are asked to meet fixed requirements:

  1. Specificity of each raw material, selected and combined in order to perform a valuable effect on the skin problem object of the treatment
  2. Pre-dosed applications - established application protocols
  3. pre-set number of applications and cycle of application, according to the result to be achieved

Dr. Gaetano GALEPPI gaetano.galeppi@drlauranne.eu shall be glad to assist you with products registration by your Ministry of Health or other sanitary authorities; pricing, discounts, promotion issues; agency agreements; meetings and seminars; any other commercial issue.

Mrs. Sabrina FUSAR POLI sabrina.fusarpoli@drlauranne.eu shall be glad to assist you with marketing policy; agency agreements; new products development; educational concerns; meeting, exhibitions and seminars planning; any other marketing issue.






Str. Cassia Nord Km 86,300
01100 Viterbo - Italy
T +39 0761 352198
F +39 0761 352133
VAT: IT01612570562

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