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COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2010/32/EU implements the Framework Agreement on prevention from sharp injuries in the hospital and healthcare sector.

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Proudly interested by this matter, Diagram manufactures the ETNAs device family since 1997.
This very cheap device satisfies and complies almost in full the requirements of that Directive.

To learn more, take a look at the video-clip in our website and get the chance to promote these items in Europe and outside (it's good and useful to others too). It may be a good chance for dealers to promote this device, essential for this matter.

With Italian design, the Ultimate in Patient Comfort and Office Safety, two performing brothers:

- ETNA 497 Needle Burner
Wherever there is a used needle, there is a risk of infection. By destroying it, all risks of transmission are eliminated.
A small crater and a high temperature of 1400°C. make it possible to instantly incinerate the needle just used and with it any chance of contamination and any needle stick injury.
Its simple shape, its small size and its weight (700 gr. only) make it handy and ergonomic, finding a space anywhere.
The battery allows an autonomy of 400-600 needles, up to 15G, before it needs to be recharged by means of an external battery-charger which assures every safety required by EC regulations.
The combustion residues are collected in the internal tank, easily accessible for cleaning,

- ETNA 502 Needle Burner/Carpule Warmer
The thermal shock of the cold anaesthetic solution could delay the action of the anaesthesia leading to elevated stress levels of the patient as well as the dental personnel.
The ETNA 502 provides the convenience of warming the anaesthetic Carpule to 38° C. in 2 minutes allowing for a soft and effective delivery of anaesthetic solution.
Once this is achieved any possibility of cross-contamination or needle stick incidences is eliminated by the needle destruction feature of the ETNA 502, the same of ETNA 497. 


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