Villa Sistemi Medicali - Villa Sistemi Medicali presents the new Apollo DRF 4.0



The new Apollo DRF 4.0, evolution of the reference remote controlled table from Villa, presents a series of improving features that enhance system’s performance and usability, as well as its flexibility and diagnostic capabilities, providing a rapid and efficient workflow with increased productivity and better diagnostic results.

The new borderless tabletop with reduced height from the floor improves the patient accessibility to the table and simplifies its transfer from the stretcher. The new touch screen console with smart-touch joysticks and the direct controls on the touch screen collimator improve and simplify the operator interaction with the equipment, while the new 2 way intercom system with preset audio messages allows to communicate with the patient in different languages.

Apollo DRF 4.0 can cover the widest range of R/F applications, providing high resolution images at very low dose: in addition to DSA and full-leg/full-spine exams, the new tomosynthesis modality offers detailed information resulting in a rapid and effective diagnostic process.







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