JD Honigberg International - ConstaVac™ Blood Conservation System is the ideal solution for blood reinfusion

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The CBCII Blood Conservation System is a closed blood recovery system used to post-operatively collect, filter, and allow reinfusion of autologous blood. It’s a safe, simple and economic disposable system for blood reinfusion.


-Safe: Reinfusion of patient’s own blood is done through a closed system, avoids receiving an HIV-tainted supply.

-Simple: To transfer fluid, simply depress the lever, hang and spike the blood bag, infuse.

-More Effective: Several studies for hip-replacement surgery showed that postoperative blood salvage significantly reduced the risk of allogeneic transfusion, with a 50% lower rate of blood clots compared to patients who received transfusions from regular blood supply.

-Economic: Need only one disposable per patient. Easily converts from reinfusion device to drainage reservoir.

-Versatile: Adaptable to your hospital protocol.





• Internal Pre-filter

• Fat Retention Valve

• Accurate Volumetric Graduations

• Indicator for variable levels of Vacuum.




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