Pharmaplast - Mother kit: The best choice for breastfeeding mothers and babies.


Pharmagel® Breast Discs

• Hydrogel Pads provide instant cooling, soothing and protection for sore nipples.

• Provides moist environment for proper healing.


Biosecrets® Lanolin Ointment

• Ultra-pure Lanolin without additives or preservative. lt can be used for irritateci skin (e.g. Diaper Rash) and sore nipples.


Kemagel® Silicone

Medicai grade advanced topical Silicone Gel, used to improve the physiological and cosmetic appearance of the scar that may result from C-section and stretch marks that developed during pregnancy.


Biosecrets®Baby Wipes

• Dermatologically approved soft gentle non-woven impregnateci with an alcohol free lotion specially developed for baby's delicate skin which are perfect for each nappy change .

• lt can be used ali over the body to clean baby's delicate skin during nappy change or during feeding time.







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