Mocom S.r.l. - Reliable, high-performance sterilization

For over 25 years Mocom's business has been sterilization. Now, thanks to a new approach to increasingly challenging hygiene requisites, we are able to offer a wide range of products, covering all necessary steps for the re-processing of contaminated instruments and materials.

Our goal is to make the sterilization process more and more lean, easy and efficient.

This is why Mocom focuses exclusively on the design and production of user-friendly systems that provide consistently outstanding performance.

Our unique experience and passion have brought about the development of B Futura and B Classic: safe, high-performance sterilizers ensuring ease of use, low consumption and faster cycle execution.

The new B Futura sterilizer has a smart interface and allows full traceability of each sterilization cycle.

Three versions, 17, 22 and the innovative 28 litres, are available, each featuring a brilliant touchscreen LCD colour display, offering immediate cycle selection and execution.

The 28-litre model features a wide chamber, housed in the same compact frame of the 17 and 22-litre models.

In this way, the B Futura 28 is particularly suited to the medical sector, allowing the accommodation of larger devices, in an environment with minimal space requirements.

The B Classic sterilizer, sharing the same up-to-date solutions as those of B Futura, has been designed to make work easier by optimizing times and costs. Unmatched quality and technology ensure safety and reliability.

Both B Futura and B Classic provide full traceability of every single sterilization cycle and can be equipped with several devices for automatic water supply.


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