NewTom - NewTom 5G

The NewTom team is based in Verona, and it is the first company in the world to develop the "Cone Beam" technology in 1996 and it became an example for all companies that work in the same field.

Thanks to more than twenty years of experience in the research, development and production field, we can supply 3D images of very high quality and guarantee the best results to our clients.

NewTom 5G is recommended for medical radiology specialties with focus on maxillofacial, small joints, cervicals and ENT diagnosis.

Users can explore several clinical applications, thanks to the open pass-through style gantry or the motorized patient table.

The patient's supine position during the scan and the reduced scan time add comfort and stability for an excellent result in terms of image quality and patient satisfaction.

All NewTom devices feature the NNT software, a proprietary software that creates different kinds of 3D images, perfectly compatible with third party software.

With a high-resolution flat panel detector, a powerful X-ray source with a very small focal spot (0.3mm) and a rotating anode, 5G produces the sharpest image possible with today’s technology.

The size of selectable FOV can vary from 6x6 cm to 18x16 cm, which can be chosen depending on the particular clinical application.

NewTom optimizes the use of radiation via its unique SafeBeam™ technology: X-rays are pulsed only in sync with the acquisition of raw images.

In this way, the dose that is actually absorbed is less than with a comparable exam with a conventional MSCT.






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