RI.MOS - A self-sufficient wound dressing regenerating any wound at any time

Hyperoil by RI.MOS, presents several advanced features: it promotes regeneration of any kind of skin lesion (i.e. bed sores, ulcers, hemorrhoids, mycosis, burns, any kind of abrasions, etc.) in every stage and at every degree without requiring any primary dressing.

Hyperoil has a vegetal origin based upon the combination of the extracts from the Neem Tree and Hypericum. "Hyperoil promotes the regeneration and repairing of external tissue lesions - explains Maria Nora Gorni, President of RI.MOS Ltd - its revolutionary factor lies in the multifunctionality and self-sufficiency: it is effective in many different types of diseases and pathologies without requiring any further medication or disinfectant."  It is also fast acting and not expensive: it allows patients to save time and money by simplifying wound care, whether in hospital or at home.


For info and more details on the product www.hyperoil.com




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