General Medical Merate - OPERA Swing, R/F multifunctional remote-controlled system with digital flat panel detector


OPERA Swing is a revolutionary R/F multifunctional remote-controlled system designed for the best combination with digital flat panel detectors and actually allowing the operator to manage, through a unique highly integrated solution, the most enhanced exams in both digital radiography and fluorography.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, OPERA Swing ensures an extraordinary user-friendliness, as well as unrivalled operational efficiency in any kind of diagnostic procedure: skeletal system, thorax, lungs, gastroenterology, gynaecology, paediatrics, emergency, digital angiography, tomography, reconstruction of the column and lower limbs.

The extreme flexibility of the OPERA Swing structure ensures the execution of exams, including fluorography, with the detector being in contact with radio-transparent stretchers-tabletop; additionally, in combination with its special stretcher, it ensures the execution of different projections and incidences: AP and lateral projections, transversal oblique projections, special projections on stretchers.

OPERA Swing, the actual “all in one” system. 

gmm 16/02 OPERA Swing





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