Timesco - Timesco Healthcare’s Energy Efficient Laryngoscope Systems

Imagine… lower costs, efficiency & real protection from cross infection.

Energy Efficient Systems (EES) from Timesco are a revolutionary range of Laryngoscope handles offering much more than just a bright light. With a modern, ergonomic design; the Shakerscope, ION and Single Use Skin handles have been developed to provide a choice of intelligent power sources, tailored to meet your requirements. The kinetically powered Shakerscope, dry cell ION and lithium rechargeable ION R engines, deliver an unrivalled, powerfully illuminated performance, whilst reducing overheads and being sensitive to the environment. 

Shakerscope: A Laryngoscope handle that never needs batteries. The Shakerscope engine is the only kinetically powered battery engine available for medical device handles. Protected by worldwide patents, the Shakerscope engine means never buying batteries again.  

ION: A Laryngoscope handle that provides a consistent illumination and tells you when the batteries need to be replaced. The Timesco ION engine & handle have a patented technology that delivers controlled, powerful illumination for up to 250 hours (potentially 3 years) on one set of batteries and provides an early warning system to advise when there is less than 1 hour of available illumination.  

ION-R: A rechargeable Laryngoscope handle that delivers consistent illumination and tells you when it needs to be recharged. The Timesco ION R engine has patented technology that delivers controlled, powerful illumination for up to 6 months on one charge and provides an early warning system to advise when there is less than 1 hour of available illumination.  

To find out more about this incredible new range, please visit: www.timesco-ees.com

Energy Efficient Systems by Timesco, makes you think…doesn’t it?

Timesco Healthcare is the UK’s premier manufacturer of medical devices for Anaesthesia, Surgery, Podiatry and Primary Care. With over 45 years’ experience, they are experts in supplying medical products for medical professionals. Operating from their head office in Essex, England; Timesco control every aspect of their product and service offering through rigorous processing procedures; ultimately to ensure reliability for their customers when it is most vital.

As certification of their commitment to you, they manufacture to internationally recognised quality standards and provide an unrivalled guarantee and support on all their products. Timesco strive to build close working partnerships with their customers, ensuring transparency and support throughout the entire procurement process and beyond, whilst delivering exceptionally superior products.

Quality and service are their key objectives, while their fundamental business aim is to develop innovative medical technologies that will save or improve the quality of life.


T: +44 (0)1268297700
E: info@timesco.com





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